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Erika Kayne. Digital Collage

MyDog Graphics is a project devised by artist, Howard Porter, to distribute fine art digital prints as widely as possible.

If you like an image, simply click on it in the Fine Art Prints section and download. All images are low resolution but will print satisfactorily up to A4 size. They are entirely free to download and print off yourself but are for your own use only, not for resale either in whole or in part. If you download an image, please let us know via the contact page. We hope you enjoy them.

If you would like to purchase a print, please contact us with a note of the image title and size you would like. We will then contact you to arrange payment. All prints are supplied unframed and each is signed, numbered and stamps on the reverse. All prints are on archival paper stock using the latest giclée technology. These are unlimited editions produced on a print on demand basis and are priced as follows:

A3 = £80.00 plus p&p.
A2 = £110.00 plus p&p.
A1 = £150.00 plus p&p.


Because the images have different aspect ratios, they do not necessarily fill the entire sheet. They are normally printed with a generous margin but you will be able to see what this looks like as we will send you a pdf proof via email before you make your final purchase.


If you would like a larger size than those listed above, please get in touch.

Please note: Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, we are not shipping any prints at the moment but please get in touch to register interest. We will start shipping as soon as the crisis is over.


Howard is a graduate of the Royal Collage of Art in London and has worked as an art and design teacher in Further and Higher Education. He was a founding partner in Frantic Design, a full service design agency and is now resident in North Devon.

Howard says:

I firmly believe that art should be available to everybody, not just wealthy collectors. That is why I started this project. Digital technology and the internet now make it possible for artists to communicate directly with a wide audience and for that audience to be directly involved in the creative process unmediated by commercial galleries and other gatekeepers. They have their place but to gain maximum involvement, we need more direct means of communication.


This corpus of work is specifically designed to be produced and distributed digitally. It is not a reproduction of a pre-existing “original” and, as such, I hope the work raises questions around the nature of authenticity, uniqueness and the status of the image itself.

My practice is based on a long-standing interest in the way the image is mediated by technology and culture. In particular, I am concerned with the way different images interact together to form an infinite range of possibilities that penetrate and are penetrated by the wider image world of both fine art and popular culture.


The resulting iconographic language has gradually emerged over many years and, indeed, some of the references go right back to the very beginning of my art education. As such, the work is often extremely personal but also references the wider world of images culled from art history, design, typography and the mass media.

Most of all, I hope you enjoy the work and find it stimulating and enriching.

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